Polymet is an international commodity company specialized in chemicals.

Our headquarters is located in Shanghai, the financial centre of China. Our manuf actories are located in Shandong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province. Through years efforts, we have formed several business units, they cover: Detergent Chemicals, Food Additives, Polymers & Additives, Solvent Chemicals, Forest Chemicals and some other chemical divisions.

We are growing rapidly at average rate 30%. The turnover is over 30 millions dollars in 2011,our products are sold to 88 countries in the world. We already create Polym

et brand and customers are well impressed by Polymet products. We have offices or agents all around China such as Tianjin, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Qingdao city where near the commodities consumer and producer markets or shipping hubs.

People and their connections are the company’s core asset. Our senior staffs are highly experienced professionals with average 10 years above experience in relevant industries. They have longtime good relationship with domestic manufacturers, stockists, forwarders and shipping lines.

Collaboration is the key to success. Polymet believes that collaboration with customers, suppliers and leading players in the industry to face challenges together through a win-win strategy is essential in today's business world, which is interpreted perfectly by our slogan “Success, with you”.

Our mission is to create added value together with customers by exploiting our knowledge, experience and strength on commodities.

Our vision is “Success, with you”, the shareholders, customers, employees and the community.

With our sincerity, honesty and professionalism, we assure you that Polymet will be your best partner.

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