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Other Divisions
Main Applications

A-150: used widely in silicone acid rubber, sulfurized silicone rubber in ambient temperature (low water content), silicone neutral rubber.

A-200: used widely in sealing ring, sealing gasket, petroleum pipeline, insulator, tablet powdered preparation, artificial viscera, infusion tube, latex nipple and high quality oil ink.
A-300: used widely in resin thickener, thickness agent for synthetic lubricating ester, resin thixotropic agent for electronic component.
A-380: used widely in reinforcing agent for silicone rubber, medical silicone rubber for transparent artificial organs and artificial heart etc.

Multi-layer paper plastic compound bag with net weight of 5 kg or 10 kg or packed by whole plastic seal for users having special demand on water content.

Technical Data Sheet

CAS No. 10279-57-9

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