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Polymers & Additives
Main Applications

770 is recommended to be used in polypropylene, impact modified PP(TPO), EPDM, polystyrene, impact polystyrene, ABS,SAN,ASA and polyurethanes and is also effective in polyamides and polyacetals.

944 areas of application include polyolefins (PP, PE), olefin copolymers such as EVA as well as blends of polypropylene with elastomers. In addition in certain instances 944 is highly effective in polyacetals, polyamides, polyurethanes, flexible and rigid PVC, as well as PVC blends and in certain styrenic elastomer and adhesive specialty applications 


In 25kg carton

Technical Data Sheet

CAS No. 70624-18-9, 52829-07-9 

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