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Detergent Chemicals
Main Applications


AEO-3, AEO-4 and AEO-5 can be used as W/O emulsifier in plastic and textile industries. AEO-3 is the raw material for AES.

AEO-7 and AEO-9 can be used in textile industry as detergents, degreasing agent, and it can be used as emulsifier in cosmetics, detergents, glass fiber, etc.

AEO-15, AEO-20 and AEO-23 can be applied as degreasing agent, textile detergent, solvent, emulsifier, etc. AEO-20 can be used as leveling agent in dyeing industry.


In 180 kg, 200 kg drum, or as required.

Technical Data Sheet

CAS No.: 9002-92-0

AEO-2 and other EO No. are also available.

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