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Detergent Chemicals
Main Applications


Stearyl Amine Ethoxylate (SAE)

SAE-1801 and SAE -1802 can be used as plastic internal antistatic agent and additives in textile industry. 

SAE -1810 can be used in pesticide, paper-making, textile, leather industries.

SAE -1812 and SAE -1815 can be applied in dyeing and printing industry as leveling agent, emulsifier, antistatic agent and dispersant agent.

SAE -1820 and AC-1830 can be used as cleaner, emulsifier, dispersant, antistatic agent and softening agent in textile.

SAE -1860 can be used as leveling additive in textile. Also it can improve hair luster in shampoo.


In 200 kg drum.

Technical Data Sheet

CAS No.: 26635-92-7

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